h.o Ghosts in the Digital Realm

h.o (エイチ・ドット・オー) Ghosts in the Digital Realm

2018 6.2-6.30







What is a “ghost”?

Historically, people have beheld, awestruck and frightened, external “apparitions,” while simultaneously meditating on the internal “soul” of the individual. Science and technology have demystified the existence of these unknown “entities.” New “ghosts,” formed from distortions in digital technology, are replacing the vanishing “ghosts” of old.

“AIs” have been deployed, by Google and others, as a convenient service in our daily lives. What are the human needs, the things, that “they” are incapable of supporting? How can we coexist with all-seeing and all-knowing “others?”

A smartphone attracts our “consciousness” while the body is left behind. Driven by information media, the innocuous “I” watches the physical body at a distance. How do we accept this gap?

Given that brain computer interfaces directly connect our “consciousness” with the external world, what does “imagination” mean? What is the “imagination” that we present to the world?

This exhibition aims to create a dialogue on the future of humanity and society mirrored through these “ghosts” in the digital realm.

協力: オーストリア文化フォーラム

「Sense the Invisible」をコンセプトに、普段目に見えない事象を人がコミュニケーションできる形に顕在化する実験的プロジェクトを多く手がける。

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